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Builder of Calgary decks, fences, gates, benches, pergolas and pavers

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Dear valued customer,
Welcome Kerrisdale Decks inc. - Calgary decks, fences, gates, pergolas, screens and pavers professional builder

Thinking about buying a deck? Whether it be for entertainment purposes or adding value to your home, Kerrisdale Decks pride themselves on not just a beautiful creation, but also having you treasure your new outdoor environment.

Our creations span from classic functional decks to elaborate cascading projects.

Kerrisdale Decks also offers other innovative building project services. We create privacy screens, fences, gates, pergolas and even pavers for those seeking a shady spot outdoors. Please feel free to navigate through our site to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Whether you are in need of a change or looking to add a whole new look and feel to your home, Kerrisdale Decks is ready to customize their work to suit your needs.

With 12 years experience in building, we customize our customers needs and wants to make your ideas come to life. Kerrisdale Decks takes pride in being focused on the individual customer care. Every job is thoroughly discussed from the drawing board through consultation to the finished product with your input along the way.

Being a small and personable company we ensure that the customer is not lost in the paperwork by becoming just another file yet still capable of completing the job to the highest standards. If you like what you see, click on the Contact Us link above to get in touch, your e-mails and input are encouraged.

With a name like Kerrisdale Decks you are probably interested in seeing what we have to offer. Take a look at the images below and simply click on each to see a crisp pictoral example of our work.

The Calgary Decks, Fences and Pregolas present a taste of: decks, pergolas, screens, built fences, benches, gates and pavers
built by Kerrisdale Decks.

If you happen to be interested in the actual blueprints, take a look at what we have done .

To learn more about Kerrisdale Decks please drop us a line or click on the e-mail address below.
Also, please let us know how you heard about Kerrisdale Decks.

4823 48th St. NW Calgary, AB
T3A 0S5

Office: (403) 286-6448
Cell: (403) 333-0490
Fax: (403) 286-6442

E-mail: kd@kerrisdaledecksinc.com

Many thanks,
KD Briand - Owner/Operator
Builder of Calgary decks, fences, gates, pergolas and pavers